My Love Story with Running

Running is my one constant fitness routine. I have dabbled in many other exercise options and the one that has truly stuck is running. I practice yoga and go hiking regularly, but those activities are relatively new in my life. Running is like my backbone. We have a deep rooted connection that is irreplaceable. There is something so liberating about exercising on my own – no equipment needed and you can literally do it anywhere at all.

I run for my physical and mental health. I find my anxiety levels are much more stable once I sweat it out. Sometimes I literally even shake it out while running (queue: imagery of me wiggling while running). And once I am done, I feel like a brand new version of myself, ready to tackle whatever comes next. Running clears my head, and I have my strongest and clearest visions during, and post, run.

I recently discovered that I actually need running in my life everyday. I truly have to sweat it out each day to have a better overall “balance.” Incorporating running into my daily routine was a bit overwhelming at first. Just like any important person or thing that positively impacts your life, you have to find a way to make the relationship work. I let go of prior expectation and my ego. I started to do it for myself, at my own pace. I no longer strive for time, mileage, steps or pace. I just run. I pay attention to what my body actually needs and adjust the pace and mileage accordingly. The goal is simply to run every day. The environment of this routine also varies: outdoors, on the treadmill in my garage, or even races with my children in the backyard. Expanding my running style and environment took all the pressure off and made it more manageable for me and around my children’s schedules to achieve each day.

Like any strong relationship, running challenges me at times, but it always soothes me. The comfort of running is always there for me. It has helped me get through my hardest days and brought me some of my best. Running untangles my brain and warms my heart. It has enlightened me and enriched my days, and for that I am forever grateful.