Garden Yoga Flow

There is something so grounding and refreshing about being out in nature. It brings us back to our roots. Our family spends most of our day outside. We love being in our own garden and exploring our neighborhood. This Garden Yoga Flow is a perfect for kids and whimsical adults too!

We are fortunate enough to have a large backyard and garden for the children to play in throughout the day (along with beautiful Southern California weather). Lately, one of our favorite things to do is family yoga together in the garden. We recognize that not everyone has this space readily available or a friendly weather climate – the beauty of yoga is that it can be done anywhere! So whether you are in your garden, deck/patio, kitchen next to a house plant, in the middle of a hike or simply relaxing in your living area, we hope these poses bring you a fresh and fun lift to your day!

Say Hello to the Sun (Extended Mountain Pose)

Stand up tall, with your big toes touching. Reach your hands high up to the sky. Wave to the sun and say hello to the sun!

Spread Your Rainbow Joy (Rainbow Pose)

While standing, reach one hand high and lean to the side the fingers are pointing. Try the other side to make your rainbow bright and full.

Grow Your Tree (Tree Pose)

Stand up tall and bring your palms to touch in front of you. Then take one foot a little off the ground and put it on the inside of your other leg. If you feel ready, grow your tree, raising your hands out and high.

Say Hello to the Earth (Forward Fold)

Stand up tall. Then reach all the way down to the ground. Say hello to the Earth!

Plant Your Seed (Child’s Pose)

Kneel on the ground with your knees touching and feet under your bottom. Leave your knees likes this or spread them away from each other. Look down and reach as far in front of your knees as you can. Keep reaching and place your hands on the ground. Pat the ground a little and pretend to plant a seed in your garden.

Flutter Like a Butterfly (Butterfly Pose)