3 Ways to Gain Energy & Overcome Fatigue

Lack of energy and fatigue can be so exhausting. A holistic approach to solving this is vital. When attempting to simplify holistic wellness, we define it as: Nourish. Move. Replenish. Learn. Connect. Sustain.

The details in each area vary depending on the person’s focus. When battling exhaustion, these are the elements worth highlighting: Nourish:

  • Eat a nutritious and balanced diet.

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.


  • Exercise regularly.

  • Taking a walk is great form of exercise and helps clear your head.

  • There are also many excellent yoga poses and exercise routines for energy.


  • Sleep well with typical-ish hours each night (going to bed and rising around the same time everyday).

  • Allow yourself to rest.

  • Meditate.

  • Take time for yourself. Self care looks different for everyone. Carve out time for things that rejuvenate you.

The remaining elements fit in as so:


Explore your curiosity and invest time in yourself. There is so much to learn about the impact of what you eat and how you treat your body. This impacts your overall wellbeing. 


Connect with others. Try video chatting a close friend or a member of your healthcare team to talk through how you are feeling. 


Over time, learn to develop practices that are sustainable and not just quick fixes. Our coaching services and programs can help guide you. These seem simple and basic, but keeping them all balanced can prove quite challenging. If you’re feeling like one or more of these wellness areas is off track, a wellness coach could be of great benefit. We’ll keep you inspired and provide you with tools and resources to be able to sustain your healthy lifestyle and mindset. Visit our coaching page for more details and a list of programs.

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