We are certified Wellness and Stress Coaches, who help busy parents manage stress and boost energy so that they can confidently spend time doing the things they love.


After many courses, books, certifications, trainings and mentors, we finally understand how to manage and alleviate stress. We have learned how to effectively move through the stress response cycle and implement daily habits to live more mindfully and intentionally. Our passion is to share these learnings with other parents, and busy professionals, so that you can overcome overwhelm and fatigue, and take back control of their own lives.

The transition into a vegan diet and lifestyle has truly been life changing for ourselves and our family. After our first child, we tried so hard to juggle it all and find balance. Trying to eat well, have energy, maintain social connections and show up for our son and employers, proved exhausting.


By the time our second son was born, we quickly realized we needed a more sustainable approach to preventing burnout and fatigue. After much research and trial and error, we implemented a regular yoga and meditation routine, and a vegan diet and lifestyle. Within a few short months, even with a newborn and 2 year-old in tow, we lost weight, reduced stress and anxiety and cultivated energy. We are happily and confidently living and feeling well.  


With a zest for holistic health and wellness, we are inspired to connect with each of you along your wellness journey! 

Hi there, I'm Jena.

I love all things French related, I’m obsessed with rearranging furniture, an avid runner and a certified yoga instructor. I am a chronic strategist and always have a running list of new topics/ places to explore. As a recovering corporate healthcare leader who recently surpassed my one-year mark as a stay-at-home mother, I’ve loved diving into entrepreneurship whilst pursuing my passions. With a graduate degree in public health, passion for nutritional epidemiology and education, and desire to promote health consciousness, I’m so eager to connect with each of you!

I have always been a highly motivated, goal-oriented person. I spent most of my 20s checking off a mental to-do list that I had created for myself. This list dictated my self worth, or so I thought. A graduate degree, a beautiful wedding, dream honeymoon and vacations, gorgeous first home, high-paying meaningful career later, it all felt unfulfilling as the family box got checked off. I was spending so much energy on juggling my career and new motherhood, that I neglected self care and self love. I was moving so quickly through life that I wasn’t taking time to enjoy each moment. I also wasn’t taking time to feel. It wasn’t until I reached an absolutely crash and burn moment, that I snapped out of this self-perceived dream world to realize that it was actually just a foggy world that I so desperately wanted to see clearly in. I was tired of feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and like I didn’t have time for myself or my family. It was also time to start healing from two challenging pregnancies, deliveries and one NICU stay. After years of research, personal development, therapy, and self-discovery, I finally achieved balance. I redefined my priorities and that self-worth to-do list. I learned how to manage my anxiety and unlocked my true self. I am so passionate about helping others do the same. Let’s curb that anxiety and help you gain back your life again!

My holistic and dynamic health and wellness coaching approach provides mentorship, support and resources to guide you towards your optimal well-being. With a Master of Public Health degree, over 10 years in professional healthcare leadership roles, and as a certified yoga instructor, I will serve as your strategic accountability partner. 

Hey, I'm Greg.

I am addicted to learning and always up for trying new things. I love ice hockey, politics and environmental justice. Once I get my mind set on a new endeavor, I study everything surrounding it and incorporate it into our lives. My newest passions are making meals from scratch, growing our garden, and diving into the world of photography. With a prior environmental law background, data analytics and strong passion for sustainability, I am excited to connect with each of you, and help others find easier ways to cook vegan meals and lead healthy lifestyles. 

I have spent most of my life feeling guilty for feeling tired.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome. The majority of people I share this with don’t believe my condition is real.

I used to talk to my friends and family about it. But, after years of failing to convince them it is real and constantly having to defend its authenticity, I stopped talking to anyone about it for many years.

It took me quite a while to realize how harmful that secret was to keep. I felt guilty anytime I was tired, didn’t have enough energy, was in pain, or forgot something.

And then one day, I knew it was time for change. I was ready to curb others’ judgement and focus on myself.

I began thinking through and talking about my symptoms more and more. I was able to conceptualize them in a way that I was able to better understand them.

Eventually, this got me to the place I am today. With help from my amazing wife and partner, Jena, I am now cognizant of when the symptoms start to manifest and then am able to manage the symptoms so they aren’t so debilitating. (Note: there are varying degrees of CFS).

I have adopted a strict plant-based vegan, diet and lifestyle, I have began to switch my mindset towards what truly matters to me, and I have been simplifying my life, all of which have had bountiful effects on my well-being. 

All because I became more comfortable with myself, stopped caring about what the negative people in my life thought, and owner of who I truly am.

This powerful mindset shift is what I’m so passionate about sharing with you. I’m so excited and eager to work with you on transformative shifts to your overall wellness.

My holistic and passionate health and wellness coaching provides one-on-one support, resources and guides to support you on your wellness journey. As the driving force behind our family’s veganism, a background in environmental law, and over 10 years in the world of legal/financial industry, I will serve as your zealous accountability partner. 

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