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Are you ready to start carving out more guilt-free time for yourself to work on your passions, and live a life filled with joy and energy that you love?

With Jena's decade of experience in cardiovascular epidemiology and health education, along with certifications in yoga and breathwork, as well as Greg's vegan nutrition, meditation, and stress management expertise, we were eager to develop a holistic health and wellness center.  


Bringing our extensive experience and education together, we started Zestfully Inspired to support you in creating a healthy, mindful life. 





Jessie D.

You are my go to for quick tips to make my life easier. I have tried almost all of the recipes and they have all been delicious and so easy to make. I have implemented several of your affirmations and I have physically noticed my stress level decreasing. Thank you so much Jena and Greg for helping me bring more happiness into my life.


Heather K.

I am so grateful to have Zestfully Inspired wellness in my life now! It's so refreshing to have the beautiful quotes, lovely mindfulness inspiration, and of course, I am way loving the recipe inspiration! I tried the purely Elizabeth pancake mix they recommended, and used their recipe to make waffles that the kiddos, and I both enjoyed, and that gave us the energy, and nutrients we needed. In a time where sharing our gratitude for one another is more important than ever, I definitely wanted to include a gratitude note to Zestfully Inspired wellness. Thank you both for all you are doing to create this space for us all. Smiles, light, and LOVE.

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Michelle B.

My husband and I took Jena’s yoga class, and it was a true mind, body, and soul workout. Jena was such an attentive teacher as she guided us through a workout that really helped us feel connected and centered to each exercise. At the end of the class we did some mediation and deep breathing which left both of us feeling rejuvenated. I would highly recommend learning and practicing yoga with Jena. You can tell how passionate she is about teaching and the students she interacts with. Highly recommend!

Sheena T.

Jena is an incredible yoga instructor!! She is very informative and has such a calming energy! Her positive outlook on life is contagious and you will come out feeling very refreshed! If you’re looking for tension relief I highly recommend Jena! We just love her!


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